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Scrolling Share Bar -  Joomla Plugin

Scrolling Share Bar it’s a social plugin for Joomla that show a floating bar with the most used share buttons and it’s an evolution of Scrolling Share Button. Now there’re two jQuery Plugin with 30 animation effects. The Fixed effect is easy to configure and there’s a new sortable list that allow to choose the sequence of showing buttons. With Custom Code Area you can insert every button and code you want. The most important improvement is changing the behavior of the application: it’s not content plugin anymore, but it’s now a system plugin. Please report more cool JQuery float effects, and will add them.

Changes in this social plugin:

  • v2.2.0:
    #fixed a problem with exclusion of homepage
    +added a field to exclude Article View
    +added a field to exclude Category View
    +added a field to exclude Menu Items
  • v2.1.1:
    #fixed a problem with array on some servers
    #better fixed effect
    #updated sticky plugin
    +Position field: to choose the position property if there is a blank space before content
    +Opacity effect field: add a focusing effect on buttons
    +Google Analytics field: added possibility to track social interaction
  • v2.1.0:
    New backend settings, easy-to-use, user-friendly
    Drag&drop list to choose order
    Exclude category and articles
    Removed container fields
    added animation test
    new HTML5 settings for Facebook Like Button
  • v2.0.3:
    automatic updates

Explanation Video:


    1. How can I insert other button?
      You can insert any button in Custom area, but is important to enclose them between a div like this example:

      <div class="single_share_button">CODE1</div>
      <div class="single_share_button">CODE2</div>
    2. How can I get an AppID for Facebook Like?
      You have to go here and create a new application for your website, then copy AppId and paste in plugin field
    3. Can I have a fixed effect without animation?
      Sure, select None in Effect Type, and add this properties to CSS, if you have a Margin Left value -80:

    4. Can I use it on Commercial Website?
      Sure, but is good to make a donation :D


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Phil Parsons for Sticky Sidebar jQuery plugin

Download j1.5 Download j2.5

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    belli ed emozionanti che siamo riusciti a catturare e che fanno parte del nostro
    ricxo portfolio

  2. avatar Alex scrive:


    first i want thank you for this nice plugin! :)

    I want to add a print button like in your demo-example here and a comment-icon to Kunene-comments at the bottom of the page. Can you please help me?

    thank you!

  3. avatar Federico scrive:

    ho un problema.
    Il plugin funziona in tutte le pagine, però nell’home page non viene visualizzato.
    Come posso fare?

  4. avatar Tony scrive:

    Hi, thanks for your wonderful plug in
    there is a bug. U can see it in this webpage
    The first 3 pics are not in the right place. If u scroll slowly the page, they come in the right place undert the article text.
    The gallery plugin is Simple Image Gallery.


  5. avatar jimijon scrive:

    Any news on J3.x compatibility?

  6. avatar julien scrive:

    Hello how do you remove / exclude a component as this plugin make my virtuemart shop to bug and only using the exclude mneu does not work when i go into my cart page

    thank you

    • avatar Eddie84 scrive:

      try to change the line 269 of scrollingsharebar.php from this:

      if ($app->isAdmin() && JRequest::getVar('option') || !$this->isShowed())

      to this:

      if ($app->isAdmin() || JRequest::getVar('option')== 'com_virtuemart'  || !$this->isShowed())

      Tell me if it work… Bye

  7. avatar Rafa scrive:

    I install your extesion but fail to see in all my entire site it only see in the feature and in the main, in the header and the showcase is not, I don´t know not if it is for the template, I’m using J2.5 the is the website, how I do so that I can look at all positions?

    thanks a lot.

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